Guar Gum Split

Guar Gum Split is refined endosperm derived from guar seed or cluster bean (cyamoperm tetragonoloba). It is a non-ionic polysaccharide galacomannan. Guar Gum Refined Split (Endosperm) is mechanically separated from guar seed, which yields 28-30% of Refined Split. Guar beans are harvested and dried following the growing season. The beans are shelled from the pods, the germ and hull removed. The resulting splits are wet-milled into powder; the powder is graded by granulation and quality.

Products are re-blended according to specification, bagged and marked. Guar Gum Split with its versatile inherent properties is used all over the globe with different utilities in many industries like Petroleum (Oil drilling), textile, printing, food, pharma, cosmetic, toiletries paper, tanneries, mining, explosives, pet food etc. These industries use Guar Gum in powder form either directly as plain Guar Gum Powder or in derived form.


Parameter Specification
Color Pale white
Gum Content 80-85%
Splits 90% Min
Mineral Matter(ASH) 1.5% Max
Fiber 1.5-2.0 % Max
Protein 5% Max
Moisture 10% Maximum
Ether Soluble Substances 0.6% Maximum
Acid insoluble ash (sand and/or silica) Traces
Black Split 1% max
Heavy Metals Nil
Appearance Bright creamy and yellow


Packaging of Guar Gum Split for domestic market is available in 50 kg and 80 Kg Jute bags. Customised packaging also available as per client requirements.

Guar Churi

The by-product of Guar Gum industry consisting of the guar germ material is called guar Churi. The Guar Churi after gum Extraction is a potential source of protein and contains about 40% crude protein, which is two times more than the level of protein in guar seed.

During the process of split manufacturing of Guar, germ and husk are obtained. Both are this used as a valuable cattle feed as they are quite rich in protein. In international market these are popularly known as Guar Churi and are sold worldwide. Guar Churi have contents of Oil & Albuminoids (O & A) which are about 50% in germ whereas it is about 25% in husks.

Uses :

Guar Churi is a highest protein-containing animal feed in its group. It contains 40% of protein with a high digesting content, which improves digesting system of cows or buffaloes. As it is very high in protein it gives extra fat in cattle milk and also increases the quantity of milk.

The protein content in guar Churi is well comparable with Corn Gluten Meal.


Parameter Specification
APPEARANCE White Fine Powder
MOISTURE 6.00 – 7.50%
ASH 4.00 – 5.00%
PROTEIN 38.00 – 40.00%
FAT 5.00 – 7.00%
FIBER 7.00%
SILICA 0.00 – 1.50%

Packaging of Guar Churi for domestic market is available in 34.5kg and 50 Kg P.P bags. Customised packaging also available as per client requirements.

Guar Korma

During the process of split manufacturing of Guar, germ and husk are obtained. Guar Korma constitutes most of the germ part of the seed. It is known for its high nutritional and protein content ranging from 48% - 50%, thus extensively used as valuable cattle feed. Guar Korma provides high protein and energy with a balanced amino acid profile. Guar korma is a highest protein containing animal feed in its group, and contains up to 55 percent of protein [O+A] with a digesting content.

This Guar Korma & Meal is given to cattle mainly cows and buffalos for getting enhanced milk. It is also used in Poultry Feed and is supplied across the nation.

Roasted Guar Korma

Roasted Guar Korma is introduced as a product free of anti nutritive factors with balanced Amino Acid Profile. Roasted Guar Korma 58% protein is the highest protein source possible from guar seeds.

Guar Korma is further processed, roasted to remove trypsin inhibitor, anti nutritive factor that limits the use of different leguminous meals in Poultry diets. Heat treatment reduces typical smell and even more reduces anti-nutritional factor activity and gum content. Heat breaks cell walls resulting in higher digestibility of Guar Korma. Trypsin inhibitor is a protease inhibitor, that stops the protein breakdown that trypsin (an essential enzyme for nutrition) produces.

  • » It is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, with higher digestibility index.
  • » It is 100% natural agricultural and a non-GMO product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives.
  • » With Higher protein content, Guar Korma is widely accepted as an alternative to expensive Soy Proteins for cattle, fish and poultry.
  • » It is widely accepted as an alternative to expensive Soy proteins for poultry, cattle and fish.
  • » Roasted Guar Korma can be used either in conjunction with other feed stuffs or by itself, as it is a complete nutritional feed.
  • » It is used as ingredient for cattle, pig, poultry and any other animal/pet food/feed and fish feed manufacturing.

Guar Korma parameter specification

Parameter Guar meal Churi Guar meal Korma Roasted Guar meal Korma Soya Bean Meal
Protein Upto 42% 45-52% 55-58% 46-48%
Fiber 6-12% 6-12% 5-6% 6%
Fat 5-7% 5-6% 1-2% 0.20-1%
Ash/Sand-Silica 5-7% 4-6% 4-6% 2%
Total Energy 2698 K Cal /Kg 4050 K Cal /Kg 4100 K Cal /Kg 3650 K Cal /Kg
Calcium 0.30 0.55 0.55 0.25
Phosphorus 0.42 0.68 0.68 0.58
Pepsin Digestibility 87-90% 80% 87% 84%
Typsin Inhibitor 2 mg/g 2 mg/g <1 mg/g (Nearly Nil) >2 mg/g
Urea Activity <0.10% <0.10% <1% <0.10%
Aflatoxin Nil Nil Nil Nil
Salmonella Nil Nil Nil Nil
E Coli Nil Nil Nil Nil


Packaging of Guar Korma is available in 1metric tonne jumbo bags and 50 Kg P.P bags. Customised packaging also available as per client requirements.